History of Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven since 1920

History of Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven since 1920

Schoonhoven Ceramics, founded in 1920 as Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven, is a treasure trove of ceramics history. 

Schoonhoven Keramiek, with its impressive collection of countless models and decorations from all interior style periods from 1920 to the present day. Founded in 1920 by Tijs Visser and his father-in-law . For this purpose, a new pottery factory was built at the Wal in Schoonhoven, which was expanded several times in the booming 1920s. At the very start there were 15 employees, including 10 pottery painters, all of whom had previously learned the trade at one of the many pottery factories in Gouda not far from Schoonhoven. 

Within a decade the Plateelbakkerij Schoonhoven distinguished itself by the artistic and fashionable decorations of the pottery. The Art Nouveau designs from that time, the famous ``Gouds plateel`` style and the Baroque designs, partly commissioned by companies, partly as its own permanent collection for retailers, are made known by PS in the Netherlands and abroad.

In 1929, 33% of the turnover was generated from exports, which is certainly a high percentage for a local company. During this period, the artistic directors, the pottery painters Frans van Katwijk and Frans Koenig, were of great importance to the pottery factory. Competing and comparable companies from that time include the Plateelbakkerij Zuid Holland (Gouda), the Mobach company (Utrecht) and the Ram pottery factory (Arnhem). 

From the 1950s onwards, a lot of delft blue was painted, with no fewer than 60 delft blue painters employed at its peak. Of course, this was well before the time of cheap imports, which made its appearance due to globalization from the 1970s onwards. Gradually, the market for corporate gifts of ceramics, partly as delft blue business gifts, partly modern) commissioned by companies with foreign relations, becomes increasingly important for potters. 

Today's modern Schoonhoven Ceramics offer an unprecedented opportunity for creative discovery and expression. This collection offers endless inspiration for anyone who is passionate about ceramics. With a current emphasis on personalized ceramics for companies. Both in earthenware and porcelain, where porcelain is mainly intended for intensive use of ceramics and the (softer) earthenware more for decorative purposes. 

In both cases, Schoonhoven gives a unique opportunity to create his own artworks, in which the undecorated ceramics serve as a blank canvas for personal stories and visions. 

Your creative freedom in combination with our ceramics.

The craft of ceramics making at Schoonhoven is steeped in tradition and innovation. Every stage, from mixing the clay to shaping the final products such as teapots and tulip vases, is a testimony to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. ceramics, to participate in this rich tradition. It offers an opportunity to learn, grow, and create unique pieces that tell a personal story. 

Schoonhoven encourages everyone to explore their creative talents by designing and painting ceramics themselves, but of course also by providing digital designs.

This manufacturer of fine ceramics has proudly been acquired by our family business Dutchceramics  (founded 1951).

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