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A traditional Dutch delftblue pottery

Let us introduce ourselves, Montagne is a traditional Dutch Delft Blue pottery, founded in 1951 as we started of right in the centre of Gouda.

In 1990 we moved to a new factory just south of Gouda at the Middelblok in Gouderak. designs.

Delftblue Ikea Dala horse

Amongst the items we make are original Delft blue Christmas items,  tableware, delft tiles and plates as well as modern tableware, unglazed ceramics (biscuit) for further decoration by artists. Among our articles you will find some real collectors items as you can experencie in our workshop.

Some of the the companies and organisations we work for are Corbion Total, Ikea, Zeeman, Royal Netherlands Marine, Vopak, DHB bank and various interior designers.

We frequently work on demand: mostly promotional gifts customized fotr a special purpose. Would you have an idea or maybe a digital design, we first create a prototype or even a series of the product you have in mind. We will accompany you professionally throughout the whole process. At the same time we guarantee a high quality and originality. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details

For interested groups there is also a possibility of making a Delft guided tours in our Delftpottery where we will show the craft of casting ball clay, wheelthrowing, decorating ( delftblie painting) and the glazing and firing. Just check with us a date and time.

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Montagne Aardewerkfabriek B.V.
Middelblok 134b
2831 BP Gouderak (Gouda)
The Netherlands
Tel: 0182-373839

Opening hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 till 16:30 CET
Closed on Saturday and Sunday possibly on request

 Guided Tour

We provide guided tours at our factory. 

You can follow the process of mold making, painting, glazing and firing. It is possible to make purchases at the factory store.

Price: € 12,50

Please contact us before coming to the factory!

Languages we speak
German, French, Spanish, English and Dutch