Handpainted Jugendstil mural based on Alphonse Much

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Handpainted Jugendstil mural based on Alphonse Mucha, one unique piece made by dutchceramics master painter Martinus vande Berg, made in Holland, entirely handpainted on ceramic delftmural. Vanden Berg, has been working for Dutchceramics since the 1990s and still make occasionally some large pieces after his retirement.

The plaques size is 18 by 15.5 inches

The pictures below show the delftpainter Martinus vandeBerg posing with his just finished large Jugendstil tile. Those pics both show the freshly painted but still unglazed piece. Only after glazing and firing for a second timethe artwork is ready.

This is why this painting technique (like delftware) is called underglaze painting as it is done directly on the bisqueware before the glazing. Where onglaze technique do not allow such a fine detail, unless off course printed decalls are being used. For more information on how our Dutch pottery is made see:  www.dutchceramics.com