Delftblue Tile Tableau "The Little Street of Vermeer" 30 x 45 cm

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The street is a painting by the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer. The painting is also known as View of houses in Delft. It is one of two Vermeer cityscapes that are known.
The painting depicts a view of an alley with parts of houses in Delft. The ordinary life depicted in this painting is on a very different theme from Vermeer's previous Biblical and mythological pieces. Johannes Vermeer probably painted it around 1658. Special for that time: no pompous THEME BUT A LOOK OF ORDINARY LIFE. It is an oil on canvas and the dimensions of the painting are 54.3 x 44 centimetres. Small work, in Rijks (since 20 years). After inheritance and wanderings (fam Six) bought in 1921 by Henri Detering director at Kon.olie and donated to the Dutch state.
Vermeer lived from 1632-75. Other important works by him are: het Melkmeisje (at the Rijksmuseum) , de koppelaarster, (in museum Dresden),  View on Delft) (in museum MAURITSHUIS), The guitar player , (exposed in London) Vermeer mainly worked on commission;  initially his subjects were mainly of a religious and ideological nature, in his later work he often showed everyday normal life around the house as if the characters had been photographed. 

This delfttile panel on wood measures 30 by 40cms.