Delftblue navy vessel business gift

Delftblue navy vessel business gift

If you look closely you will recognize the contours of an amphibious transport ship
of the Dutch Navy in this delft blue boat. This is the most characteristic corporate gift of delft pottery that we make at Dutchceramics. These vessels are multifunctional and

are officially called Landing Platform Docks (LPD boats), of which our navy currently has
two vessels in service. The essence of a floating dock is that these ships can still bring
heavy equipment and men ashore without the infrastructure of a harbor on the open
water off the coast. This is done by taking in water to permit smaller landing craft sail
out from the back end to go ashore.
The ship also has a helicopter deck. In addition to its military tasks, these ships can also
be used in humanitarian disasters and large-scale evacuations. We have made many
maritime promotional gifts in delft blue before, but this is rightfully the coolest!

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