Delft porcelain ceramic animal figures made by Dutchceramics

Delft porcelain ceramic animal figures made by Dutchceramics

Ceramic animal figures made by Dutchceramics in Gouda.
Dutchceramics was founded in 1950 ( as NJ Montagne and son, later Montagne Aardewerkfabriek) and is still owned and managed today by (a third generation) Montagne. The delft company developed into an expert in making ceramics, including Delft blue animal figures. These animal statues small and big are all handmade by craftsmen who pay close attention to every detail. Each figure not only represents the skills of its creators but also showcases the company's long tradition. These figures are both beautiful and functional and radiate the company's artisanal heritage.
Various animal figures are available, in the Dutchceramics product range you will find an extensive selection of ceramic animal figures. From everyday pets such as cats and dogs to more exotic animals such as elephants and birds, each created with great attention to detail. These figures are not only realistic and detailed but also artistically designed, making them a must-have for collectors and ceramic art enthusiasts. Each piece has been completely painted by hand and signed at the bottom or back with the delft painters signatureand each single piece is a beautiful example of craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Ceramics as an addition to the interior
The ceramic is a beautiful addition to your interior. These pieces are ideal for enriching special places in the home or office, not only adding style and character, but also creating a lively and artistic atmosphere. The figures are designed to attract attention and often become the topic of conversation. They can have a personal impact on any space, making your environment both livelier and more inviting.

Ceramic animal figures as promotional gifts
Dutchceramics offers you the opportunity to order custom-made ceramic animal figures as promotional gifts. These unique gifts are great for showing appreciation and provide a personal and lasting memory for the recipient. We work closely with you to ensure that each gift fully meets your specific wishes and requirements. For more information about personalizing these gifts, please contact Dutchceramics directly via our telephone number +31 (0)182 373839 or via email at You can also visit us in Gouderak, near Gouda, at the following address: Middelblok 134 b, 2831 BP  in Holland.

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