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Production Process

Master mould and production mould

Every product in the collection of Montagne Aardewerkfabriek has a master mould. This master mould, made of plaster, is a model in the equivalent form of the product to be. Out of this master mould are fabricated more negative models, the so-called production moulds, after which the product can be made in series.

Clay and biscuit

The working moulds are filled with liquid clay. A part of the clay attaches itself to the inside of the model. The rest will be poured out. When the clay is dry, the mould (which consist of several parts) can be opened. The product is taken out carefully. Subsequently the product is polished, that is to say, the unnecessary bits of clay are scraped off and lumps in the soft clay are removed with a sponge. After this the clay is baked for the first time. Clay that is baked once, is called ‘biscuit’. Biscuit is dry and still porous pottery, ready for further treatment.

Decoration and finish

The products of ‘De Wit’ are entirely hand painted. In some cases a silkscreen is printed on the biscuit (for example a logo or a self made design) after which one of the craftsmen proceed to paint the product. Then the product is glazed by dipping or spaying. Finally the product will be baked for a second time. After this, the product is finished.

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