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Broken plate?

An heirloom fell of the wall while dusting it off?

On request we reproduce the original plate to ease the pain.

Reproduction broken plate

Posted on 08/16/2018
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Tree trunk from ceramic

Artist Reinier Lagendijk plays among other things with the capacity to deformation of nature. In our factory, we fire his latest project, tree trunks. To fire such big sculptures is a very scrupulous process. This project is something you wouldn't associate with a Delfts ceramic factory immediately but it shows the legion of possibilities.

His exhibition, Quand la nature s'éveille, will take place from 5th of March until 2nd of April in Galerie Ramakers in Den Haag.

Tree trunks in clay   Tree trunk ready to fire Tree trunk in nature 

Posted on 01/28/2017
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Hotel Restaurant Abrona in Oudewater



Posted on 10/12/2016
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Educating pupils

Since september 2016, we are officially allowed to educate pupils from vocational schools. This aknowledgement refers to a formal  branche called 'Unique Craftsmanship'.

Pupils in our factory will get acquainted with the practice of pottery under the guidance of  a capable tutor. At least they will develop many different skills concerning the proces of ceramics.

Posted on 10/06/2016
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Jar Tolmanns Gin


For Tolmanns Gin we produced a beautifull Delft blue jar. The company of Tolmann makes his own gin and is situated in the Kunstfort near Vijfhuizen. We do like this cooperation between two (old) handcrafts. 

Posted on 09/01/2016
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Streamlined vase

We produced a beautifull streamlined vase. The vase was ordered by Snelleman Beheer in Gouda.


Posted on 08/29/2016
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In 1982

Posted on 06/02/2016
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By now our webstore is online with some exclusive articles. We will add products to the store regulary, so please, stay tunded. You can enter the store via  the orange button with the basket or directly via

Posted on 03/23/2016
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Soon it will be Easter. But you still have time to order roosters and hens, painted in Delft blue or polychrome. Of course we also have thought of some beautifull eggs!

Posted on 02/28/2016
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LUAH lamp

For Santrich we produced a lamp named LUAH. Alex Santrich is an industrial designer from Brussels. You can also take a look on his site:

Posted on 02/14/2016
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 plateelschilder   mallen

Montagne Aardewerkfabriek is searching for experienced Delft blue painters, parttine or at home. For working in different styles, mostly Delft blue.  Experience is required. Men or women. Seniors no problem.

Montagne Aardewerkfabriek B.V.
Middelblok 134b
2831 BP Gouderak
Tel: 0182-373839

Posted on 02/07/2016
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In the new issue of 'Trend', a magazine for the cookingstores in Belgium and the Netherlands, you can find a splendid publication about our eartherware factory. The title is 'An eartherware factory between tradition and innovation'. You can read the article ( only in Dutch) online:

Posted on 02/05/2016
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By now we receive the first touringcar reservations, thanks to the  view days we organized last year. Among others, we work together with VVV Gouda, Busidee, Oskam Reizen en Betuwe Express. 

Posted on 01/29/2016
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Horse Dala for IKEA



The Dala horse is a wooden horse which once symbolized the Dalama landscape in Sweden but now is a symbol for Sweden as a whole.

For IKEA we produced a ceramic Dala horse. We received this order because the headoffice of IKEA is situated in Delft. So some of the horses have a beautifull Delft blue decoration. You cannot find the horses in the regular shops, they are meant for the intern sale.

Once more it's a good example of a traditional craft and modern design!

Posted on 01/23/2016
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Dutch design: ceramic outlet covers

The ceramic outlet covers we made for design studio Suitedsuits, were very succesfully. We produced the outlet covers in Delft Blue, in white and in a single color. Suitedsuits delvered the objects at the Carlton hotels, but also at the Rijkmuseum in Amsterdam. Once and again, this is a nice example from a happy marriage between a traditional product, a ditto craft and contemporary Dutch design. If you want to know more, please take a look at

Posted on 01/21/2016
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Happy new year

In 2015, we pleasantly worked together with Feyenoord, design studio Suitedsuits, Gsus sindrusties, Maître Frédéric Catering & More, Otolift, Korean Broadcasting System, VVV Gouda, Museum Gouda, LugthArt en several private clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States and Japan. We like to thank them all.

Also we memorize with pleasure the day of the touroperators, the visit of the ceremics expert Johan Karelse, who did some research for an upcoming book and the really nice visit of the Korean celebrity Zie Ahn. We launched our new website this year and of course we were proud when the profession of decorating pottery was placed on the list of cultural heritage.

Finally, we wish you all a very happy and healthy 2016!

Posted on 12/31/2015
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Zie Ahn visits Montagne Aardewerkfabriek

In september the Korean celebrity Zie Ahn visited our company. Please take a look here if you want to know more about this visit.

Posted on 12/20/2015
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store Gsus

We produced severals pieces of ceramics for Gsus (jeans). The products will be used for decoration in several stores. On the pottery the logo of Gsus.


Posted on 10/21/2015
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There is a new flyer:

Posted on 10/07/2015
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Day of the Touroperator 2015

Today, the Touristinformation of Gouda organized the so called Touroperatorday 2015. Hence we received several touroperators and city guids of Gouda. We were pleased to  show them our factory. Of course we hope to see them back again.




Posted on 10/01/2015
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Filmset Korea

showroom      groep 


Today the Korean Broadcasting System shot an educational film of  the whole production process of Montagne Aarderwerkfabriek . In the meantime, tv-celeb Zie Ahm interviewed director Remco Montagne. The program will be broadcasted within two weeks.

Posted on 09/03/2015
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Korean Broadcasting System


Next week the Korean television station KBS will visit our factory. They will shoot the production process of Delft eartherware. 

Posted on 08/28/2015
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Our jukebox is purchased by a Danish museum which is fond of jukeboxes. You can find HERE a link to the museum.

Posted on 07/15/2015
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This summer we have made a nice place for groups 'on tour'.

Posted on 06/30/2015
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Museum Gouda

This week visited Hans Vogels, conservator of Museum Gouda , our company. We exchanged information and we showed him our factory. 

Posted on 03/19/2015
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Painting of eartherware on national list of cultural heritage

Painting of eartherware as a craft, is placed on the national list of cultural heritage.

Posted on 12/07/2014
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Montagne Aardewerkfabriek B.V.
Middelblok 134b
2831 BP Gouderak (Gouda)
The Netherlands
Tel: 0182-373839

Opening hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 till 16:30 CET
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Guided Tours                                     We provide guided tours at our factory. 

You can follow the process of mold making, painting, glazing and firing. It is possible to make purchases at the factory store.

Price: € 12,50

Please contact us before coming to the factory!

Languages we speak
German, French, Spanish, English and Dutch