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From the twenties on

Photo: Karel, Cor en Nico Montagne

Photo: Karel, Cor and Nico Montagne

In the nineteentwenties of the last century, two brothers Cor and Gerard Montagne already owned an earthenware factory in Gouda. A third and younger brother, Nicolaas Montagne, cigar manufacturer, learned the profession from his older brother Cor. In 1951 Nicolaas founded with his twenty years old son Karel his own company. In the beginning the factory was named ‘Animo’ and was located in some old, rebuilt working-class houses. The factory expanded. After some time the neighbouring houses were bought up and soon the main entry of the factory was no longer situated in the small street called the ‘Boelekade’ but on the other side of the garden plot, the ‘Blekersingel’; a mere considerable avenue.

De sixties and so on

Photo: Trade Fair Utrecht, at the beginning of the sixties, on the left Karel Montagne

In the sixties Karel Montagne gradually took over the company. With the increasing tourism, souvenirs developed themselves to beloved articles. Animo strengthened her position and became one of the most important potteries of Gouda and far ahead. The company showed her products every year on trade fairs in Utrecht, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, and delivered her souvenirs to a broad market. ‘Montagne’ became a trademark. For that reason the name ‘Animo’ was changed into ‘Montagne Aardwerkfabriek’. By doing so, the company also emphasized the traditional Dutch handcraft, whereas other factories imported more and more pottery from low-wage countries.

The nineties and further

During the nineties a third generation took share in the company: Remco Montagne, the son of Karel. De growth of Montagne Aardewerk carried on, also due to a couple of takeovers from other factories from Gouda: ‘Jumbo’ in 1997, ‘ODC’ in 2000 and ‘Keramische Industrie de Wit’ in 2000. The takeover of de Wit brought Montagne Aardewerkfabriek an important boost because the high quality Delft pottery of de Wit was (and still is) entirely hand-painted and therefore worldwide known. As a result of these takeovers, the assortment of Montagne became broadly sorted. Montagne delivered gently priced and nice souvenirs next to more expansive articles of high quality from de Wit, while Jumbo emphasized on design.


The market position was guaranteed even as a good relationship with companies in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the Dutch Antilles and Japan.

At least, Remco Montagne shifted the direction of the company. The souvenirs still are the core business of the factory, but Montagne Aardewerkfabriek pays more and more attention to promotional gifts and custom-designed work. In fact everything is possible. The factory keeps more then a thousand models at stock, every customer will be able to find something he likes. Besides, everything that doesn’t exist yet, can be made. An artist, a potter or designer can not only develop but also execute his idea in cooperation with Montagne Aardewerkfabriek, as in the company all aspects of the production process are present. According to this, you will find more information on this page.

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