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Example of unglazed tableware

Unglazed examples of dinnerware. Large range of Teapots, Coffeepots, cup & saucers, creamers, pitchers. Tableware for your own decoration.
Item number: 3 Sortering
Example of unglazed tableware
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Montagne Aardewerkfabriek B.V.
Middelblok 134b
2831 BP Gouderak (Gouda)
The Netherlands
Tel: 0182-373839

Opening hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 till 16:30 CET
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Guided Tours                                     We provide guided tours at our factory. 

You can follow the process of mold making, painting, glazing and firing. It is possible to make purchases at the factory store.

Price: € 12,50

Please contact us before coming to the factory!

Languages we speak
German, French, Spanish, English and Dutch